caught up with African Hotplate`s Director, Benson Muneri and we managed to capture how he and his team have managed to satisfy Africa`s appetite for tasty meals through their African traditional meals.

Can you tell the world what African Hotplate is all about?

African Hotplate is a unique fast food concept focusing on traditional African dishes with authentic yesteryear recipes.

What makes African Hotplate unique from the other traditional restaurants?

We specialize in traditional offerings that not so many fast foods outlets offer. Our meal offerings include meals like Tripe, Ox Trotters, Kota, Mopani worms, Tongue, Vetkoek African Chicken not forgetting our traditional flame-grilled braai offerings for meats, wors, burgers, nd ribs on our standard menu offering for African Hot Plate stores.

Why should people choose your service?

Our menu offering is derived from traditional healthy African dishes and our shops have a unique African look and feel. We are proud to showcase our healthy traditional meals in a superb formalized environment.

Any plans for expansion into other African countries?

Yes, we are a truly African brand with every intention to expand into all African countries to ensure that our traditional offerings are perfected and enjoyed by all including non-Africans.

What impact are you seeking to make in the African fast food industry?

We are a true African brand and we aim to celebrate and instill a sense of passion and pride in authentic traditional dishes.

What threats do global fast food giants pose to traditional restaurants such as yours?

Our brand attracts its own market for clientele that enjoy African or traditional flame-grilled meals and we are not threatened by global fast food giants but instead learn a lot from them as they were there before us. We strongly felt the traditional items were always left out by these brands and we have decided to do something about it hence we came up with African Hotplate.

What does “YesAfriCan” mean to you?

We embrace and celebrate African ideas and firmly believe that there is a lot to learn and celebrate everything that our forefathers did before our time hence we have taken this route to formalize this concept and let traditional food lovers enjoy their cuisine in our African Hot Plate restaurants. We are proud and humbled by the huge support we have received from all thus far. Over the last 5 months, we have managed to open 8 stores.

Any parting pearls of wisdom for those who aspire to be a success within your industry?

Do not be ashamed to celebrate and associate yourself with your own culture.

Many thanks to Benson and his African Hotplate team for showing the African heritage to the whole world. African Hotplate also offers franchising opportunities to individuals and entrepreneurs who are willing to change the face of fast food restaurants serving African traditional meals.

Here are some images of African Hotplate and what they offer. Be careful you might bite your tongue, the images look tasty.


  1. When i see n hear about Africans being innovative like this i feel proud to be African . I am a Zimbabwean, how do i go about it to get a franchise

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