The construction of a modern 300km Standard Gauge Railway connecting Dar es Salaam and Morogoro has been set in motion by Tanzania`s president Magafuli. The development is a welcome initiative not only for Tanzania but for Africa as well. The project is expected to boost trade within and outside Tanzania.

Speaking at the launch of the project, President Magafuli expressed high hopes that the project once finished will go a long way in transforming Tanzania into becoming a middle-income economy.

“This is an opportunity to grow and excel in our industrial revolution drive which is the current national focus as we set our eyes to become a middle-income country,” said Magafuli. (Tanzanian Media)

The modern standard-gauge railway connecting Dar es Salaam and  Morogoro will be able to transport 10 000 tons of cargo on one trip. The railway is expected to enhance Tanzania`s trade with its neighbouring countries. The project will lower the cost of transport for traders in the business of importing and exporting.

The railway project once finished will also mean that faster transportation of goods will be a possibility. This will act as a major boost for trade as well lower the cost of transport of cargo compared with road transport.

The project is expected to take 30 months to be completed. The construction of the railway will also create employment opportunities within Tanzania with more than 600 000 jobs expected to open up according to president Magafuli.

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