Welcome to day nine where we continue to #ShowSomeLove by profiling companies from the African region which are listed on Esaja.com. Each day throughout the month of February, the “month of love” as we like to call it, we profile one of these heroes whose dedication to Africa`s advancement and development knows no bounds. Let`s all #ShowSomeLove for African entrepreneurs and businesses as they are the engines which move and fuels Africa`s growth and development.

Pan Afric (U) Ltd

Pan Afric (U) Ltd started its operations in 2006 and has grown to become one of the leading large-scale transportation and logistics company in Uganda and the East Africa region. The company operates two divisions, the transport division, and coffee division.

Pan Afric (u) Ltd`s transport division is a force to reckon with when it comes to the Ugandan and regional transport industry. They have a fleet of over 160 trucks to their name. Over the years their service from this division in terms of safety and timely delivery of cargo to their clients has enabled this transport giant to become one of the preferred in East Africa.

The coffee division purchases, processes, and grades coffee procured from Ugandan Farmers. After this process, it then distributes the coffee to various buyers across the globe. Currently, Pan Afric (U) Ltd is the largest purchaser and exporter of coffee in Uganda.

Products & Services Offered

Pan Afric (U) Ltd offers road freight services in Uganda and the East African region. Operating from Kampala in Uganda to Mombasa in Kenya, Pan Afric (U) Ltd service routes also include  Goma, Beni, Bukavu, Gisenyi, Bunia and Kisangani among others in Central Africa. The company also delivers to a number of destinations in South Sudan which includes Wau, Kwajok, Aweil, Akuem, Panyang, Bentui, Alek, Bantit and closer destinations like Juba, Yei, Maridi, Yirol, Rumbek, Tonj among many others. The company currently purchases unprocessed coffee from farmers and cooperatives throughout Uganda, processes it, grades it and exports to various destinations around the globe.

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