Kenya has become the latest victim to be hit by power shortages due to low water levels in most of their dams which affected hydro-electricity generation. Kenya highly depends on hydropower as the source of energy for the whole country. As a result, load shedding had become the order of the day.

Amid fears that the current power challenges will disrupt economic growth, the authorities had intervened by adding thermal power to the national grid to ease up the situation. The future, however, looks bleak as electricity production continues to scale down with reports coming out that before, hydropower plants accounted for 39 percent of electricity which was being generated a figure which has now dropped to 31 percent.

The cost of electricity in Kenya is also expected to rise if the situation does not change. The rise in electricity cost will affect both consumers and companies. This will reduce access to electricity for most households in Kenya.

Households and companies can turn to other solutions which may give them access to a steady off-grid supply of electricity which can go a long way in saving them from being blacked out if the water levels in water bodies do not rise enough to boost electricity generation in Kenya`s hydropower plants.

Kenyans can also turn to solar energy to rescue them from this situation. Kenya is blessed with both the sun and a lot of companies selling equipment which enables individuals to harness solar energy at a price which can be met by the general populace as well as companies.

Here are some of the companies Kenyans can look up to for possible power solutions.

High Safe Electricals

HighSafe Electricals is a progressive technology company that provides Innovative Energy Solutions for domestic, industrial and commercial clients. Its products range from solar water heaters, solar panels to solar water pumps.

Sollatek Electronics

This company has been distributing solar equipment and home kits throughout Kenya since it opened its doors in the 1980s. It is the sole authorized distributor of Sollatek products ranging from solar freezers, inverters, batteries to all in one solar home kits. This company might give the right solutions to all those facing power blackouts. For those into agriculture, Sollatek also distributes solar water pumps which could prove to be useful in times of blackouts.

M-kopa Kenya

This company has now connected more than 375,000 home in Kenya and other surrounding countries to solar power with more than 550 being connected every day. Its simple 8W battery powered systems come with three lights, mobile phone-charging, and a solar powered radio. Customers can now opt for a 20W system with digital TV and there is no doubt their systems offer cheaper access to energy.


This company is heaven sent for farmers, especially those who need electricity 24/7. The SunCulture AgroSolar irrigation kit combines cost-effective solar pumping technology with a high-efficiency drip irrigation system to help farmers grow more while spending less.

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