is excited by the promise of Africa. Our unwavering mission is to help businesses across the continent connect to latent opportunities. As you read this, chances are that someone on this great continent is looking for a product or service that you supply. Conversely, someone could have a better offer for a product or service you require. Joining Esaja is a step forward in unlocking such opportunities, we’ve come up with a quick run through of how to join:


1. Click on the red Join Now button. 





2. Fill in the registration form  (It’s as easy as 1, 2 , 3, and 4). The other option is to simply use your Facebook account to join. The button for this is at the bottom of the page:



3. After clicking on the “Register” page above, you’ll be directed to the following page:



4. Check your inbox, the following message should be there:



5. After clicking on the “verify my account now” button, you’ll be directed to the following page:



6. Upon logging in, your dashboard will appear. 3 Yellow buttons are there to help you get your company out there:

  • Update Company Profile
  •  Update Products, 
  • Update Buying Requirements



That’s it, easy right?


If you encounter any challenges you can reach out to us through the “contact Esaja” widget. It’s available on every page:




After giving yourself a good pat on the back for joining, you can keep in touch with us through the following:


Twitter:  @EsajaForAfrica |



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