No Stopping – Hakuna Matata (It means “no worries”). Photo captured at Zimbabwe-Zambia Victoria Falls border post.


We posted the following question to our fans on Esaja’s Facebook page:


If US$ 10 Million were made available to you to open a factory anywhere in Africa, where would you invest the money and what would you manufacture?


This question was made to actual Africans living in Africa. With this said, the diversity of replies is fascinating. Some of the comments have been edited for the sake of grammar as some countries don’t have English as a main language… No other changes have been made:

E Reiz : I’d invest In the new South Sudan in water, health, child education and agriculture. The farms need irrigation and veterinary supplies for livestock.

E Nkonde: In Zambia and the sector would be Emerald mining. 

R Kipkemboi: In Zambia, to manufacture glucose from Maize.

D Gideon: In Ghana and I’d produce mosquito coils

L Milne: In the western Cape of South Africa and I would manufacture low cost housing for the poor and homeless.

T Celavy: I think the best country is Sudan. Due to weather, air conditioners are in high demand, water to be used at every stage, food production, oil investment too. Labour, market, and additional investor should run to our neighbour new South Sudan.

Z Wachira: Would invest in Kenya would come up with drug awareness centers, childhood education centers, orphan centers, all in the name of building a healthy nation.

P Mwinzi: I’d invest in Kenya-real estate business – it’s growing really fast!

Of all the answers, the following one by Grace from Nigeria impressed us the most:

G. A. Okpo: In Nigeria, Somewhere near Auchi in Edo State. I would set up a Cassava flakes (Garri) producing company. Garri, is a stable food amongst Nigerians and some neighbouring West African countries. Besides the flakes, we can also produce cassava flour (white elubo or white amala as some would call it) and we would also explore the possibility of packaging Cassava flour for export beyond serving the populace!

Where would you invest $10 million if it were made available to you?



  1. In South Africa I would open a world class herbal medicinal shop offering natural alternative medicine to cure disease. We need to be proud of our natural heritage.

  2. I’d invest it into 2 things: Techzim (obviously!) and second, a fund for some innovative ideas and the brilliant young people I meet everyday that need help making these ideas happen… on 1 condition though.. strictly ideas that deemed to be viable commercially.

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