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Baztech Guard Patrol Monitoring Device

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Product Summary

By implementing Baztech Guard Patrol Monitoring device, companies are ensured of accurate, unbiased information on actual patrols of business premises. Managers can control inspection schedules and cut supervision time and costs. The software has full reporting capabilities. RFID tags are installed at key checkpoints around the premises. At the beginning of the shift, the baton is initialised with the Guard\'s ID from his personal RFID tag. The small hand-held baton is carried by the security guard when patrolling. As the guard passes a checkpoint, he presses the button and records the guard’s personal ID together with the date, time and location on the baton. Data is downloaded from the baton to the software application via USB.

Country Zimbabwe

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Company Summary

Baztech Incorporated (Pvt) Ltd

Company Description

Baztech Incorporated (Pvt) Ltd. a wholly owned Zimbabwean Company, was established in 1996, with...

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