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Handpunch Biometric Clock

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The HandPunch is such a versatile biometric timeclock that it can fulfill even the most demanding business requirements.Having multiple communication options, such as RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP, and modem, gives you the flexibility of installing it pretty much anywhere you want. You can even daisy-chain multiple units together using one main cable (useful for companies wanting two or more clocks side by side to facilitate speed of punch entry).Also, the clock has two extra buttons, which are programmable through our software, that enable your employees to enter other data at the unit besides the normal clock in/clock out functions. Weighing approximately 6 pounds, the HandPunch 3000 is extremely durable as its outer shell is a hard plastic that is resistant to impact.

Country Zimbabwe

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Company Summary

Baztech Incorporated (Pvt) Ltd

Company Description

Baztech Incorporated (Pvt) Ltd. a wholly owned Zimbabwean Company, was established in 1996, with...

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