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Hazardous Waste Management Services

Spill Tech has a fleet of hazardous waste trucks, skips and sludge bins to contain and dispose of...

South Africa

Spill Tech

Airoxy® Biological Purification Plant

Airoxy® is a biological purification plant based on the purifying principle of activated sludge...



Oxyfix® Sewage Treatment Plant

Oxyfix® is a sewage treatment plant that operates under the principle of immersed and aerated...



Model 55 Food Waste Disposer

Our most powerful entry level model features a three year full warranty. Suitable for the food...

South Africa

H2O International

Avantu Bio Remediative Substance

Bio-remediative substance that has the ability to clean up potentially toxic environmental...


Africote Limited

Waste Collection Services

Green City LTD is the ideal solution.We have the most efficient method of managing waste in the...



Waste Disposal Services

At Crown Transport LOgistics (CTL), disposal is been alienated in to two segment. Hazardous:...


Crown Transport & Logistics

Blue Flame Bio Digesters

No pit required. The only sensible option in:- Mobile – can be re-located. Installed above ground...


Kentainers Ltd

Curity Hazchem & Waste Escort

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) requires road escorts for Cyanide based and other...


Curity Spill Response

Material Recovery Facilities

We design, build and/or supply Material Recovery Facilities from small to large to best extract...

South Africa

Akura Manufacturing Engineering Company (Pty) Ltd

Waste Transfer Stations

We design, build and/or supply Waste Transfer Stations to optimize the entire system, from the...

South Africa

Akura Manufacturing Engineering Company (Pty) Ltd

Advanced Waste Treatment

We design, build and/or supply Advanced Waste Treatment plants to facilitate efficient processing...

South Africa

Akura Manufacturing Engineering Company (Pty) Ltd

Landfill & Waste Management

Waste Management deals with the movement, processing, recycling, disposal and monitoring of waste...



Sewage & Black Water Treatment

4EVR Plastic Products now offers a fully biological sewerage treatment plant combining the...

South Africa

4EVR Plastic Products

Plastic Waste Management Services

At a time when the plastic bottles are adding woes to the piling up plastic menace, UKULIMA TECH...


Ukulima Tech

Waste Disposal Solutions

We also provide the service of wastage disposal on daily basis from your premises to the waste...


Chemical Brothers

Recycled Waste Paper

Different types of waste paper from Twiga’s stationery business is bailed and sold to other...


Twiga Stationers & Printers Ltd

Solid Waste Collector

A small economical tractor/trailer unit designed for collection of rubbish from small towns....


Ndume Ltd

Sanitary Waste Management Solutions

Our public health department also provides services in sanitary waste management which provides...


Balton Uganda Ltd

Garbage Management Services | Uganda

Your corporate partner for a healthy and cleaner environment. Disposal of waste in an...


Multicare Service Limited