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We can supply you the following flavors in tea capsules: -Rooibos Espresso tea -Earl Grey Espresso tea -Chai Espresso tea -Caramel Espresso tea -Vanilla Espresso tea -Lemon Espresso tea Packaging Capsules: -10 capsules in a box -12 boxes in a shipper Outer carton -210 Shippers on a pallet (25 200 capsules per pallet) -10 pallets per 20ft container (252 000 capsules per 20ft container) These capsules are compatible with most brands of coffee capsule machines eg: Nespresso, Russell Hobs, DeLongi, Bosch etc. Minimum order Quantity would be 1 Pallet to start with. Price: $0.25 per capsule. Per pallet = US $6300 (25200 capsules) We can offer a discount on a full container order.

Country South Africa

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StratosGlobal Investments

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We specialize in delivering high quality, protein rich Semolina. Our quality stands out as you...

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