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Poultry drinking waterer

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Product Name: Drinkers, disassembled drinker, chicken drinker, poultry drinkers, Chicken ball drinking fountains Usage: For chicken, quail, Turkeys, Geese or Ducks Model: WJ-JZ-31 Material: 304 Stainless steel ball, ABS engineering plastic Characteristics: 1 360 degree water outlet and no water leakage 2 High quality plastic ring, wear resistance, corrosion resisting for long time usage; 3 Totally new ABS engineering plastic, clean and for long usage 4 Using small opening force to trigger large water volume, so it can be used for both small chicks and adult chickens. 5 Pressure from several centimeters to several meters, all have very good sealing, and the opening force has very little changes during the process. 6 Equipped with drinking cups for good use Installation distance: 25cm

Country Nigeria

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poultry nipple drinkers,automatic poultry nipple drinkers,nipple drinkers,automatic poultry water...

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