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VITAMEAL has a wide range of baby pots: vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish: Packaging -glass jars : - Vegetables: Green beans (200gr), Carrots Rice (130gr), Vegetable medley (130gr) - Meat (Glass jars : 200gr):Cottage Pie, Meat tajine and vegetables, Beef and vegetables, Veal and green beans, Spaghetti Bolognese with beef, Small pasta Carrots and veal. - Poultry (Glass jars : 200gr): Chicken couscous with local vegetables, Carrots Chicken, Chicken Provencal, Pot au feu, Mashed vegetable and poultry, Turkey rice, Mashed potatoes and chicken. - Fish (Glass jars : 200gr): Salmon et carrots, Paella, Rice Hake. Packaging : Plastic jars (200gr): - Turkey Rice - Vegetables and Chicken - Paella - Small Carrots Chicken - Salmon carrots - Chicken Couscous

Country Morocco

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Agro-Food Industrie

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We are the 1st Manufacturer in the World of HALAL Baby pots with a range of more than 80...

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