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Sumamousse surface cleaner is powerful and quick-acting to cut through stains and grime, destroying the germs within. Its long-lasting germ killing formula means that you can target germs and keep them away for longer than with thin liquid detergents. It is used in the home as a solution on household surfaces. Sumamousse provides a range of products (surface cleaner and bleach water) to address all household and toilet cleaning needs, becoming a ‘germ kill’ expert. In addition to whitening cottons, Sumamousse bleach water has all the right weapons in it to fight common toilet problems: The bleach kills germs that hide above and below the waterline and it removes organic soils, and urine. For more information contact us on +243 810 448 972 | [email protected]

Country Congo Democratic Republic DRC

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MARSAVCO | Margarinerie et Savonerie du Cosmetiques

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We are continuously aiming to provide our consumers with branded products of superior quality and...

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