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Prior to any final quotation of rates and then mobilization of personnel and equipment, we first visit the country and project area in which the proposed drill targets are located, and conduct a thorough inspection of the various site characteristics, such as: Road Access: Distances, seasonal conditions and journey times from tarred/made up roads to the prospecting license/proposed area of activity, and proximity to the closest fuel, food and other re-supply point. Access Obstructions: Seasonal or all-year-round rivers or lakes and the viability of all known crossing points/methods, vegetation overgrowth, human settlements and/or any other access prohibitive factors. Water Source/s: Closest reliable permanent, seasonal or man-made water source/s for technical, operational and potable use.

Country Mozambique

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Equator Drilling

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Equator Drilling is a private, small-medium sized mineral focused drilling contractor, which...

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