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Our deeply rooted belief is that free enterprise and borderless trade are critical to the long term development of Africa. We are cognisant of a myriad of challenges faced by entrepreneurs & businesses across the continent. As daunting as these may seem, we are bringing together the continent’s best minds, leveraging on our youthful zest, and deploying resources aimed at fueling cross border trade. The power and reach of technology can unlock latent growth opportunities.

Arnold Ekpe, the former CEO of Ecobank, once said the following statement:

Ecobank is not a bank but is rather a movement of Africans trying to make a difference.”

We sincerely doubt that there could be a better way to describe our belief and commitment to the continent. Such exemplary leadership inspired our genesis, is the reason for our continued existence and propels us towards a better tomorrow. We live by the following values:


What’s in a name?

Esaja is an abbreviation that succinctly captures the diversity of Africa:

empowering solutions and joint action

Say it loud & proud: eh-sah-jah!