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MARSAVCO | Margarinerie et Savonerie du Cosmetiques

Company Description

We are continuously aiming to provide our consumers with branded products of superior quality and value. We believe that if we can improve their lives, now and for years to come, it will result in value creation, leadership, sales, and profitability- thus providing prosperity to all stakeholders. The desire to positively touch the lives of our consumers at every step goes beyond our branded products. For us, it is a part of Marsavco’s corporate culture, a way of life. At Marsavco we touch millions of lives everyday. For more information contact us on +243 810 448 972 | [email protected]

Congo Democratic Republic DRC
Year Founded:
January ,1922
Legal Status:
Private Company
Av. Kalemie No. 1, B.P. 8914, Gombe, Kin1 Kinshasa

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