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GTP is a trading name of Tex Styles Ghana Ltd (TSGL) formerly known as Ghana Textiles Printing Company Limited (GTP) was incorporated in January 1966 as a wax printing business. It is the foremost textile company in Ghana and a leader in the wax prints market. TSGL has two main product lines (WAX Prints and FANCY Prints) and distributes / markets the GTP brand at home in Ghana as well as to other countries such as Togo, Benin, Burkina Foso, Cameroun, Niger, Angola, USA, and so on. GTP is a very strong brand with a high market share of between 35-40 in the wax segment. For more information contact us on +233 30 330 4234 | [email protected]

Year Founded:
January ,1966
Legal Status:
Private Company
Valco Roundabout Tema

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