Welcome to day six where we continue to #ShowSomeLove by profiling companies from the African region which are listed on Esaja.com. Each day throughout the month of February, the “month of love” as we like to call it, we profile one of these heroes whose dedication to Africa`s advancement and development knows no bounds. Let`s all #ShowSomeLove for African entrepreneurs and businesses as they are the engines which move and fuels Africa`s growth and development.

Blue Sky Airways

Blue Sky Airways is a commercial airline based in Gaborone, Botswana and operating throughout the Southern African region. Blue Sky provides an excellence, reliable and safe air travel that is designed to offer your more than just a comfort but an adventure. To ensure maximum passenger comfort, BlueSky operates the Boeing 737-300. The Boeing 737 series boasts as being the best-selling jet airliner in the history of aviation. BlueSky was the first Botswana airline to register a Boeing aircraft. Tried and true; their air crafts are maintained to the highest standards to ensure superior safety and reliability.

Products & Services Offered

They offer air travel to most parts of Southern Africa and in Botswana. Blue Skay also offers in-flight services designed to make their clients enjoy their journey. For each of their short range flights, passengers have a choice of premium snacks, an array of hot and cold beverages and a complimentary dessert treat. For their long range flights, passengers have a choice of a gourmet breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on the departure hour as well as an array of beverages, hot and cold.


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