With the lack of access to electricity still the order of the day in Nigeria, Transcorp has commissioned a power plant that was under repair and maintenance which is set to bring electricity to more than 2.4 million homes in Nigeria. Transcorp`s power plant in Ughelli, Delta State was repaired and serviced by GE and is now ex[ected to reach its full potential and light up Nigerian homes which had no access to electricity.

Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc, a leading diversified conglomerate with major business in the now rest in the power sector bought the now fully functional Ughelli power plant in 2013 when it was only producing a mere 160MW which was not a true reflection of its potential. The new unit comes with an efficiency output of more than “33% compared to units that perform at 28%.”

Nigeria is currently being rocked by power shortages which see most of its citizens having no access to electricity at all with those that have facing major blackouts. Nigeria`s power problems did not just start in the 2000s but date back to the 1990s where there were no power stations being built and no investments being made towards the power sector. This lack of foresight could be one of the reasons which plunged Nigeria into this power crisis.

Energy is important to driving industrialization and development of countries and Nigeria has a ” 20-2020 vision were it seeks to become one of the twenty industrialized countries by the year 2020.” Nigeria is also Africa`s most populated country with a population of over 176 million people. According to the Nigerian Association of Energy Economist, 75% of Nigeria`s population has no access to regular electricity supply. Only 45% are connected to the national grid but still, experience blackouts with genuine regular electricity supply only restricted to only 25% of the population.

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