Connecting Southern Africa with road transport services King Lions Coaches is fast becoming a household name and the transport of choice for many travelers in the Southern African region.

Esaja.com caught up with some of King Lion Coaches` customers in an a bid to establish why the bus company is attracting so much attention and appraisal from many people.

One customer by the name Mrs Alice K Mbodza who was about to travel to Lusaka in Zambia praised the company for its customer service which she described as ‘excellent’, ever since she start using King Lion Coaches to travel from Zambia to Zimbabwe and vice versa.

“I have been travelling with this bus since 2012.

“It`s comfortable and reliable and their customer service is just very good.

“What is also very good is that they start the journey with a prayer before leaving for safe travel.

“We haven`t had a problem with them yet (King Lion Coaches),” said Mbodza.


King Lion Coaches loyal customer: Mrs Mboza enjoying some tea before leaving for Zambia

Esaja.com went on to ask what King Lion needed to improve for its customers and Mrs Alice K Mbodza pointed out that the company could offer its customers some refreshments on long journeys.

“If they offer us drinks on the way, some refreshments and snacks it would be good as some of us will be on the road for a long time,” said Mbodza

Cecilia Chapoteleka, who was travelling with King Lion Coaches for the third time also complemented the bus company for its service.

“With King Lion they have hospitality, plus they offer us some tea as a token of appreciation before we board the bus,” said Chapoteleka.


Soon after purchasing a ticket customers are served some coffee or tea prior to taking off.

Esaja.com`s visit to King Lion Coaches established that good customer care was powering the bus company`s rise to being the transport of choice for many traveling by road in Southern Africa.

Besides offering transport solutions, King Lion Coaches also offers Bus and trailer hiring services.


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